Special Events 2019

2019 Christmas Meeting Results

2 rounds of qualifying, followed by 2 leg finals. Joker section (quicker) to be used 3 times in each run.

2019 Off-Road GP Results

Saturday night setup/practice, Sunday 4 rounds of qualifying followed by 2 leg finals

County Show 2019 Results

On Sunday the 29th June the club was invited to attend the Annual Isle of Wight County Show near Newport. Jumping at the opportunity to promote the club and provide a rare full days rc racing for its members, the club was more than enthusiastic to oblige. The track area provided was a large grass plot, enabling a larger than usual layout. Taking advantage of the increased area and change in surface, the club decided to run a variety of vehicle categories. In addition to our usual 2wd 1/10 buggies, we also ran 2wd 1/10 Stadium trucks, 1/10 Short Course Trucks and the big crowd pleaser, 1/8 Electric Buggies / Truggies. The day was structured as a normal race event with each vehicle class having 5 rounds and a 2 leg final. The track was setup on the Saturday by the club members, allowing racing to commence as the show opened early Sunday morning.The event was well supported by its members with 20 overly excited drivers and 30+ cars entered. Combined with the great weather the day was set for some amazing and close racing. As expected, the day was brilliant with thrills and spills in all classes. The relaxed atmosphere and enthusiastic crowds really made each race more rewarding. With live commentary and cheering spectators, the races were packed with drama from start to finish.With nearly 10,000 visitors to the Show, the RC track was always flanked by spectators, all with positive comments, feedback and support for the drivers.Overall the day was a great success, awesome racing, great weather, but most important a positive advert for the hobby.