Basics of racing at IOWRCC.

Right, you have bought your car, put it together, painted the body shell, it’s looking good. After driving it around the car park a few times you want to get out there and do some racing, but where do you start.
Here at the IOWRCC we always welcome beginners, so if you’re not sure of anything then please ask somebody, but to help your first race day go smoothly here is a racing guide.


Before you attend a meeting

Just like any sport there are some rules we have to follow – your car must conform to certain restrictions – mode of power, dimensions, tyres allowed etc. So before you come down take a look the “class rules” in the 1/10th Buggies and GT12 section to get an idea of what is or is not allowed. However these rules are for those classes of racing we generally run. If you want to run a car not in one of the classes described. Bring it along anyway.

The best idea if you’re new to the hobby is to come down to a club meeting and have  a chat with the people there. We would also recommend a read of the club Hand Book HERE



The cars are counted using a transponder which is fitted in your car. These are unique to your car. If you have one fitted please see race control. If you don't have a transponder. The club has a few to loan to get you started.
The system we use is AMBrc


Meeting Timetable GT12


Meeting Timetable 1/10th Buggies


Practice Session

During the free practice session you must make sure the frequency you’re using is not the same as somebody else's. This should avoid someone else switching on on the same frequency as you whilst you’re running your car. If you’re using a 2.4GHz system then there is no need as your frequency should be unique and you’re  free to just go and practice.


Booking In

This consists of you telling the race controller your name, which class (or classes) you want to compete in, your frequencies and your personal transponder number (if you have one) and pay your race fees. If any of your details change e.g. new frequency or transponder number. Please let the race director know.


First Qualifying Session

After everybody has booked in then the racing can start. A list will be posted indicating what crystal frequency you should use, your heat number, and your car number. Check your details are correct.
When it’s your race, place your car on the track (not on the straight), go up to the rostrum and drive your car round to the start line. Your qualifying session starts when the computer calls out your car number. The idea of qualifying is to see how many laps you can do in 5 minutes. In qualifying, you are racing the clock not other drivers. So please let a faster car through.
All results are posted on the the results board.



After you have finished your race, either put your car on your pit table or hand it to the scrutineer if he requests it, then go out and marshall on a marshall point (orange cone) and please wear the bib provided. When you are placing a car back on the track, please do so in a safe manner, make sure you do not place it in front of an approaching car or hinder cars that are running.


The Finals

Everybody gets to race in a final. The finals are decided by your fastest qualifying time.

The finals are similar to the qualifying session except that you start from the start grid and all start together.

The race begins after a random number of beeps and starts are a warble tone.